Monday, April 1, 2013


Dear friends,

I am sorry that I have been so bad about keeping up this blog. I have been going through a major life transition, which has left me little time for writing. Also, I am going out of the country for six weeks, and I won't be able to blog again until the second week of May. Once I return, I hope to get on a weekly or biweekly posting schedule.

In any case, I thought I would take this time to ask anyone for feedback about what to write about next. Some options include...

1) My Political Theology/Philosophy (which I started over a month ago but haven't finished)
2) Why I Believe in Christianity
3) Biblical, Theological, Philosophical, and Practical Arguments for Pacifism
4) Submitting to Scripture without Buying into Infallibility
5) A Different Way to Think of the Death and Life of Jesus (navigating through atonement theories)

Let me know what you think! If I get multiple votes in one direction, that's what I'll address when I come back.




Zack Crist said...

Quick question, maybe you'll be able to respond to it before you go:

You state: "Submitting to Scripture without Buying into Infallibility"

Why would I submit to anything that isn't infallible? It would seem stupid to submit to anything that has even the slightest possiblity to be wrong. Furthermore, for something to be considered "scripture" in the first place it would have to be divine and thereby infallible. Right?

Thanks and have a safe trip... where are you going? Anywhere near Turkey?

God Bless!

JE Misz said...

A few things...

I miss ya brother. And I'm excited for the opportunity to read your stuff when I'm reading anything other than schoolwork. We should probably play catch up when you return from your trip. I'd love to hear about your life. Greg has kept me somewhat posted, but he's leaving me now, so I gotta get back to the source.

Here's my suggestion for your starters: I want to hear you work through atonement theories... just cuz I think it's really important to navigate through as a foundation to pacifism and reveals a certain way of reading Scripture. But that's just my opinion. I'll keep posted so I'll read it eventually.

Also, I just wrote an ethics paper on "Voting" and I'd love to get your feedback and critique on it if you'd be up to reading it.

Peace brother,